Medical Record Collation

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Published Date: 26th April 2021

As well as the huge transformations to everyone’s lives over the last 12 months, MRC has had their own changes going on.

As you already know Lahra moved on in October last year, and we welcomed Rhys as Head of Operations. He has settled in extremely well and is proving to be a real asset to both the team, and to our clients. As you probably also know, Sheila finished in January after over 10 years by my side. We therefore decided to take this opportunity to carry out a wider review of how we operate at MRC, a company that has successfully grown organically for over 13 years with no structured path!

With this in mind, Pete Kilbane joined us in January in the role of Commercial Director, he is pictured above with his son Caleb, who has just turned one.

Pete brings a broad range of experience in developing and structuring businesses to be more dynamic and work more efficiently, as we embark on our next phase of development at MRC. Pete’s background will enable us to continue to support our clients at the highest level in these ever-changing and strange times and will also help us to remain the leaders in quality, innovation and service. I’m delighted to welcome Pete to the team and excited for him to bring on board the skills that will lead to a much-improved service, and also the future developments that our clients will continue to see the value of.

For me, entering the business world from nursing was an enormous challenge, especially on a journey that wasn’t planned. I think that perhaps one of the most important lessons that I have learnt is to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you! I am not denigrating my knowledge, but just admitting that in certain areas others know more than I do. I am not too proud to admit this, particularly when our clients are the ones who benefit.


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