Medical Record Collation


What is MRC Ai?


MRC Ai combines Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning to eradicate the long process of sorting medical records. With MRC Ai, a pre-sort of your medical records will take a matter of minutes, not days! 

MRC Ai will sort 1,000 pages of medical records into date order in as little as 15 minutes, eliminated the prolonged task of record sorting and expediting the time it takes to risk assess cases.

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with MRC Ai, the cutting-edge service designed to pre-sort medical records faster and more accurately than ever before. Powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies that have been trained and developed over the last 3 years, MRC Ai streamlines the cumbersome process of medical records management, saving you valuable time and resources.

Gone are the days of waiting endlessly for medical records to be sorted. With MRC Ai, what used to take days can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Say goodbye to tedious manual sorting and embrace the future with MRC Ai.

With more and more of our clients looking for a paperless way to deal with medical records, MRC is developing a unique system that uses the latest artificial intelligence technology combined with a robust human review process to digitally sort records.

We are beginning to trial our new system and welcome enquiries from new and existing clients who want to help mould the system.

Why Choose MRC Ai?

Our state-of-the-art algorithms ensure the highest level of security, precision and reliability, allowing MRC Ai to handle even the most complex medical records with ease. Whether you’re navigating a bundle to understand the case merits or wanting to get a better understanding of events, MRC Ai is your trusted partner for the most efficient record organisation and to revolutionise the way you handle medical records. 

Take the first step like we did, towards a more streamlined and productive future in medical record management and experience the difference with MRC Ai.

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