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Essential Medicine for Lawyers

Published Date: 6th July 2021

Last week our nurses attended the online conference ‘Essential Medicine for Lawyers’. This was organised by AvMA, so a big thank you to them and to all the interesting speakers who talked on a range of topics from Medico-Legal Issues in Rheumatology to ICU and Experiences During Covid.

Although our nurses are vastly experienced, they found it really beneficial to refresh their knowledge of anatomy and physiology, useful terminology, the common conditions that affect these systems and their symptoms and standard procedures for diagnosis and treatment. In addition the effects and impact of Covid were discussed. Each speaker addressed the essential areas on which clinical negligence solicitors need to have a sound understanding, including an introduction to the importance of applying medical knowledge to their cases and choosing the right medical expert.

At MRC we recognise the importance of continued development of our team, and how this benefits our clients in the quality of our chronologies and memo documents.

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