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MRC volunteer at CAFTfest 2022

Published Date: 6th July 2022

MRC have been supporting CAFT (The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust) for many years now. They are a charity for terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children in the North West. Set in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, it is the perfect place for deserving children of all abilities to play, laugh and simply enjoy being children.

Sally who volunteered with her daughter Hannah at this years CAFTfest says “It is always an honour to volunteer, and to see first hand what an enormous difference this fantastic organisation make to hundreds of families lives (1,575 children in total over 3 days!)”

In the words of one of the grateful parents “I can’t even begin to put in to words what our family days at CAFT mean to us! It’s a safe place where we can relax and watch our beautiful children ex-pressing themselves in their own natural way without judgement. My youngest boy has neurological, emotional and behavioural issues stemming from neonatal meningitis and to see him care-free at CAFT is a dream come true. It’s also been massively beneficial for his older brother to meet other children that have Neuro-diverse siblings too! Thank you for being our little bit of heaven on earth and for all of the amazing work you do!

We can’t think of a more worthwhile charity to support.

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