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MRC Office Launch and MRC Ai Demo Event

Published Date: 25th April 2024

On Wednesday 17th April, we invited some guests to our office launch and new service, MRC Ai, demo event. It was an evening packed full of celebration, revelation and the presentation of revolutionary technology.

Held at our new office in Altrincham, which has been our headquarters since January, the event welcomed a distinguished array of guests. Among them were esteemed solicitors, familiar faces of longstanding partnerships and some new clients. Additionally, members of both the MRC and Informed Solutions teams were in attendance, united in their commitment to the continuing development of medical record services, using the exciting mix of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

There was a fantastic atmosphere of warmth and excitement, with the drinks flowing as quickly as the pleasantries! The delectable aroma of the food from a local BBQ business permeated the air, offering a mouth watering spread of pulled pork, cheeseburgers and hot dogs, reminiscent of our annual summer BBQs (only without the sunny weather!).

However, the main event of the evening was undoubtedly the demo of MRC Ai, a revolutionary new service set to redefine the landscape of medical record services. Guests were treated to an exclusive demonstration showcasing the capabilities and potential of this cutting-edge technology. MRC Ai, with its remarkable capacity to meticulously organise medical records in chronological order, significantly streamlines the task of risk assessing cases for solicitors. What once consumed hours of analysis can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time, with MRC Ai reducing the process to a mere 1-2 hours, compared to the previous 5-8-hours of manual sorting.

The resounding success of the event was noticeable, apparent in the animated conversations, infectious laughter and the collective sense of excitement filtering through the room. As guests departed, each was presented with a party bag, containing MRC merchandise and further information detailing the transformative capabilities of MRC Ai.

Looking ahead, we look forward to our next gathering, where we will have the opportunity to reconnect with our outstanding clients, further solidify our partnerships with them and continue our journey towards pioneering advancements in medical record services. Until then, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who contributed to the success of our office launch and MRC Ai demo event. Together, we can strive for innovation and excellence, forging a brighter future for the field of medical record management in the process.


For more information on MRC Ai, visit our dedicated page here. If you’d like to get involved and try MRC Ai, please get in touch with us here.

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