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MRC Announces MRC Ai

Published Date: 8th April 2024

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MRC Revolutionises Interacting with Medical Records by the Launch of MRC Ai

Medical Record Collation (MRC), the award-winning pioneer in the medico-legal sector, is excited to announce the launch of its latest innovation, MRC Ai. This groundbreaking platform, built on advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, is designed to revolutionise legal case assessments by offering unprecedented efficiency and security in sorting medical records.

Innovative Solution to Traditional Challenges

Traditionally, solicitors and paralegals grapple with the time-consuming task of manually reviewing vast amounts of unorganised medical records to assess the merits of each case – a process that is not only arduous but also prone to errors. Recognising the need for a solution that mitigates these challenges, MRC over the last two years has developed MRC Ai to expedite and refine the risk assessment and case screening process.

How MRC Ai Works

MRC Ai leverages sophisticated AI and ML algorithms to automatically sort thousands of pages of medical records into chronological order, drastically reducing the time required for case assessments from several hours to mere minutes. This streamlined approach enables solicitors to swiftly identify the most promising cases, focusing their efforts where they have the greatest potential for success.

Security at the Forefront

Understanding the critical importance of data security in the legal profession, MRC has invested heavily in advanced encryption and data protection technologies for MRC Ai. Solicitors can now process sensitive information with the confidence that it is safeguarded by the most robust security measures, ensuring client confidentiality and compliance with the highest standards of data privacy.

The MRC Ai Advantage

Efficiency: Reduces the case risk assessment time by up to 75%, allowing solicitors to process cases with unparalleled speed.

Security: Employs cutting-edge security protocols to ensure all data is encrypted and protected.

Cost-Effectiveness: Minimises wasted fee-earner hours on unviable cases, representing significant cost savings for legal firms.

Ease of Use: Offers a same-day service that simplifies the initial sorting process, making it easier and faster to assess case merit.

Transforming Legal Practices

“With MRC Ai, we’re not just introducing a new product; we are changing how the legal industry approaches the initial stages of case assessment. By significantly reducing the time and resources spent on sorting and assessing case merits, we empower solicitors to make more informed decisions quicker and with greater confidence,” said Pete Kilbane, Managing Director at MRC.


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Efficiency meets security with MRC Ai. Medical Record Collation invites legal professionals to join us in embracing the future of legal technology.

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