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Published Date: 15th January 2016

Study day at home and it’s that time of year for appraisal, with the added spice of the 5 year General Medical Council’s revalidation. I know, I know, the 360 feedback emails are burning a hole in my in tray. Can’t worry about that now. Not now. Anyhow, was I really, I mean really, that grumpy with my partners about the size of the practice overdraft? But they never seem to understand the maths. It’s quite simple. Something has to give. NHS income is down. They don’t want to do the employment medicals for the forestry any more. “They’re boring” I hear them say. The community hospital contract pays peanuts. Expenditure is up. Just look at the size of the phone bill chasing hospital appointments for patients. Decent profit on dispensing is all but a distant memory. BUT the partners’ chorus is, as always, “The drawings must stay the same.” I don’t know how this money business gets in the way of the important stuff. Like seeing patients.

Anyhow must stick to the job in hand. Appraisal. Oh Gosh! Did I really agree last year to audit the antibacterial resistance in UTIs over a 2 month period? Hell, it’s only 1 month until the appraisal. Hmmm…I suppose I could do a bit and make up the rest. No, the probity statements make that a very bad idea. Knowing my luck, I’d get found out. I’ll have to defer it to next year and replace it with something easier. My appraiser will understand. Too busy, too much other important stuff to do. Like seeing patients.

Actually it’s rather cushy sitting here at home doing the appraisal preparation. ‘Phone doesn’t ring. No demands. No decisions. No ‘extra’ patients. But deep down I know my partners are stupidly busy. Maybe I could go in this afternoon and help clear the backlog. Help with the important stuff. Like seeing patients.

Malcolm Hickey

All entries are entirely fictitious and any resemblance to real events or characters is purely coincidental

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