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NMC Revalidation

Published Date: 16th March 2016

“Revalidation is about promoting good practice across the whole population of nurses and midwives” – NMC (Nursing & Midwifery Council)

NMC Revalidation comes into effect from next month and as part of our CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Karen, one of our nurses, attended the Nursing Times Revalidation Conference in Manchester last week, on 9th March 2016.

The NMC exists to protect the public by ensuring that only those who satisfy their requirements are allowed to practice as a registered nurse or midwife in the UK. At some point over the next 3 years every registered nurse in the UK will undergo revalidation with the NMC. Failure to revalidate will result in removal from the register and therefore an inability to practice.

The Nursing Times Revalidation Conference provided essential training to ensure understanding of the new process and how to manage the revalidation effectively.

Our team at MRC is fully aware of its responsibilities in relation to this important and much talked about development so today we held a meeting to discuss how the process would be implemented within MRC. Karen shared what she had learnt about the revalidation requirements and we are currently building this into our next nurses’ training day.

MRC remains committed to ensuring that all its nurses and midwives meet the range of requirements designed to show that they are keeping up to date and actively maintaining their ability to practise safely and effectively.

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