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Celebrating Excellence: MRC’s Prestigious Award Shortlisting

Published Date: 25th January 2024

The Modern Law Awards are a prestigious annual celebration of the best in the industry from the previous year. Running for 10 years, the awards are judged by as esteemed panel of legal trailblazers who have the honour of recognising the achievements of law firms, legal professionals and pertinent industry leaders. 

Medical Record Collation have been bestowed with the privilege of being shortlisted for an award for two years running. Last year, we received a shortlisting for the Outstanding Client Care award and this year, we’re shortlisted for not one, but two awards! The first is Supporting the Industry award and is a direct outcome of our commitment to excellence and innovation within the legal sector, as exemplified by the compelling entry we submitted; the second is Legal AI Supplier of the Year, however the reason for this shortlisting we’re keeping close to our chest until later in the year, find out more below. 

Crafting Our Entry: A Mission of Distinction 

In our award entry, we articulated a clear and compelling mission – to deliver an unparalleled service that ensures our clients receive the fastest and most organised support possible. Our commitment goes beyond mere efficiency; we aim to alleviate the complexities and stresses associated with ongoing cases, allowing fee earners to concentrate on the legal intricacies with the assurance that their medical records are securely managed by us. 

Reflecting on 15 Years of Innovation 

As we celebrated our 15-year anniversary, we highlighted our innovative approach to medical record collation. This approach has not only positioned us as a reliable and trustworthy industry partner but has also earned us the distinction of being considered an extension of our clients’ own teams. The emphasis on honesty, integrity, and the enduring partnerships we’ve forged since our inception played a pivotal role in shaping our award-worthy narrative. 

Listening to Clients: The Catalyst for Innovation 

Our entry spotlighted our responsiveness to client feedback, a driving force behind the introduction of key innovations. From the inception of our radiology sharing platform to the reduction of paper services we provide, our commitment to making life easier for solicitor clients was evident. These initiatives were born out of a keen understanding of our clients’ needs and a determination to enhance their experience. 

PAGE Accreditation and Industry Leadership 

Our founder, Sally Gordon’s leadership role in the accreditation group PAGE underscored our dedication to raising professional standards in medical record pagination for litigation. This commitment not only demonstrated our industry leadership but also added a layer of reassurance for law firms regarding the quality of our services. 

Performance Excellence: A Case in Point 

We illustrated our dedication to expediting cases in a real-world scenario where time-sensitive deadlines were paramount. The narrative highlighted how our team seamlessly integrated new records into an existing case, updated the entire chronology, and met a tight deadline – a testament to our operational efficiency and reliability. 

Client Testimonials: The Heart of Our Success 

Integral to our award-worthy entry were the heartfelt testimonials from clients. Quotes such as “quite OUTSTANDING!” from Invicta Law and the acknowledgment from a consultant surgeon about the “well-organised set of notes” showcased the tangible impact of our services. This client feedback is not just a testament to our past successes but serves as a compass guiding our continuous improvement. 

Our award shortlisting is a direct result of a comprehensive entry that encapsulates our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction. As we eagerly await the final decision, we remain steadfast in our dedication to raising the bar in the medical record collation industry. 


Exciting Developments, on the Horizon 

As we look back at our journey and celebrate our nominations there is a sense of anticipation within our team for what lies. We are incredibly proud to be nominated for the ‘Supporting the Industry’ award. There is another recognition on the horizon that were aren’t quite ready to fully disclose. Our nomination for ‘Legal AI Supplier of the Year.’ 

This acknowledgement of our AI driven innovation goes beyond an award; it signifies the path we are embarking upon. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has driven us to explore the boundaries of AI creating a tool that promises to revolutionise efficiency in the sector. While we can’t reveal all the details at this moment this recognition serves as a guiding light highlighting how we are navigating at the intersection of expertise and cutting-edge technology. Keep an eye out for an announcement this year when we will unveil how our dedication to innovation is shaping the future of legal services. 


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