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Huffing, puffin’ and brake fluid

Published Date: 12th May 2017

Last weekend saw the advent of the annual ‘Heels-on-Wheels’ cycle trip. This year we were going to traverse the beautiful undulating hills of Anglesey. Now depending on what kind of person you are, 110 miles over two days is either met with a gasp or an eye roll. For those that will use the eye roll I would like to point out that this doesn’t take into account elevation, and boy was there some elevation! After two days of huffing, puffing and cramping we rewarded ourselves with an adrenalin-fuelled rib ride down the Menai Strait to Puffin Island and back to ‘Dylan’s’ for lunch where we continued to enjoy the superb weather by dining outside overlooking the water. Travelling back was also not without its adventure as the brakes in the van decided to cut out as we were going through the Conwy Tunnel. Luckily there was enough brake fluid to bring us to a slow stop at a petrol station and not end up embedded in a hedge. Fearing at first this was sabotage by a rival cycling crew, we were eventually told by the AA chap that it was due to a screw becoming loose (?!). The lab results should be back in 4-6 weeks…

As well as our yearly bike ride the ‘Heels-on-Wheels’ team also takes a table at the annual Bicycle Ball which is always a stellar night for a much needed cause. This event is organised by two friends Cathy and Pauline, who cycle with a local rival group ‘The Bowdon Biker Chicks’, its purpose is to fund raise for the Spinal Injuries Association and more specifically the annual SIA cycle ride. By the time this goes out the team will have returned (hopefully!) from this year’s ride across the historic region of Transylvania.

MRC will have to accompany them in spirit rather than in person for that one. We will, however be making a contribution to this much needed cause. If you are interested to find out more and perhaps make a donation please take a look here:

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