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Happy Christmas

Published Date: 22nd December 2017

When Albert Einstein eventually unveiled his General Theory of Relativity he concluded that gravity was not a force within its own right existing ‘out there’ but rather a product of massive objects bending the fabric of space and time. This bending intensifies the larger the object is until you end up with something like a black hole which is so large not even light can escape and time ceases to even be a meaningful concept. However, I would propose that Einstein missed a key component in the development of his theory.


Christmas is the super-massive event that successfully warps space and time to such a degree that you can go to sleep on the 1st of December with nothing but vague thoughts of future merriment; only to then come to on the 23rd of December in an overcrowded supermarket starring blearily at the two, slightly different, types of stuffing in your hands. Christmas transforms December into nothing more than a spattered Pollock painting of work, family, drinks, tinsel, wrapping, trees and hopefully some fun. And much like a Pollock painting sometimes you have to take a few steps back to truly appreciate it.

Whilst modern art may not be our forte, creating order from chaos certainly is. We’re delighted to welcome on board two additional chronologers, a Paediatrician and another Midwife, who will help us cope with increasing demand in addition to broadening the scope of medical knowledge at our disposal.

The team here at MRC have been very generous in helping support our chosen three charities. We’ve carried on our annual donation of selection boxes to the wonderful local ‘Children’s Adventure Farm Trust’. In addition to ‘CAFT’ we are supporting a Manchester homeless charity and the cancer charity ‘Rhys’ Donation Foundation’. This is a charity that supports children and teenagers with the extra things that these children and families need financially as one or both parents has to stop working and then can’t often afford.

We’re also tremendously excited to be gearing up for a huge milestone, our 10th anniversary next March. We’ve yet to decide quite how to celebrate so watch this space…

Finally we would like to wish our clients a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2018!

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