Medical Record Collation

Happy 9th Birthday to MRC!

Published Date: 3rd April 2017

When I first started MRC in my back bedroom you could count the number of other firms who provided the same service on essentially one hand. Now nine years later that number has exploded to three or even four hands and we’ll never know if Starbucks is eyeing up the medico-legal world until it happens – and then we’re all doomed.

Last week marked the 9th birthday of MRC and as such it seems pertinent to cast our gaze back and look at the road well-trodden. It hardly seemed possible to past-me, sitting in my cramped bedroom, that I would someday be manning up an office of 7 people, together with a large number of sub-contractors, and giving talks at conferences. Expansion had always been part of the plan but it was never anything that had to come at all costs. I was happy to let the business grow at its own rate being fully aware of the dangers of overreaching myself. Organically growing the business at its own pace has allowed us to reach where we are now, a thriving small business with an excellent cadre of staff.

The past year has seen a whole flurry of events ranging from the fairly formal, the AvMA, APIL and SCIL exhibitions, to the more casual (even occasionally wild) nights like the New York themed Christmas party and CBIT Valentine’s Day quiz. We certainly feel like our exhibition skills are improving whilst our quizzing skills seem to be fairly good as they are (joint sixth is alright surely?).

We are very pleased to have seen a 30% increase in our sales over the last 12 months, further expansion in the clinical expertise of our team and the introduction of Glasscubes, a secure method of sharing documents with our clients. Fixed Recoverable Costs has been uppermost in our minds and we successfully collaborated with 3 other Pagination companies to present a written submission to the review being carried out by Lord Justice Jackson. It’s also been a pleasure to welcome some new members to the MRC team; Mary, George and Rhys, all of whom have settled in rapidly and with ease.

Looking ahead for MRC we are very much invested in staying our course for the future. The formula has been slowly finessed for nine years now so we don’t want to go changing things for the sake of it. That said the business environment we find ourselves in is in constant change and anyone who fails to move with it gets gobbled up by Mother Nature/the bank. At this point in time however that doesn’t seem too likely!

As always we want to thank all our clients as you have enabled us to build ourselves up to where we are now. And we promise to carry on providing the same high quality service.

And now it’s time to celebrate!

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