Medical Record Collation

Goodbye Lahra

Published Date: 12th November 2020

All of us at MRC are very sad to be saying goodbye to Lahra, our Head of Operations. Lahra joined MRC just over 3 years ago from a very different role as Senior Producer on BBC Breakfast. The surprising number of transferable skills have proven to be a huge asset.

Lahra has helped MRC through a lot of changes in her more than three years with us – a near doubling of our staff, new premises, and a new case management system to name but a few!

Lahra may well be doing some freelance work for us in the future, but will be focussing on her writing and on spending more time with her (increasingly grown up) children. She also has something of a soft spot for an animal in need, and is hoping she’s brave (or crazy?) enough to wild swim through the winter this year :0/

I’m very grateful to Lahra for all her hard work, straight talking and good humour.

I thought I’d sign off with the photo of Lahra and I emerging from the sea in Brighton after a full day exhibiting at the AvMA conference. She would often remind me that she wasn’t expecting to meet clients for the first time whilst wearing her swimsuit!

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