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Fresh faces at MRC

Published Date: 6th December 2016

As the pace of work has remained optimistically relentless throughout the year we took the decision to expand our team with some fresh faces. Our Sorting Department saw two new additions with Mary and Rhys joining the team. The sheer volume of medical records that need carefully checking and manually collating means this can be an area where a bottleneck of work can form. Recruiting an extra two people in the department has dramatically decreased the time it takes for cases to be sorted and the overall workflow of the business has been made much more efficient.

On the Operations side of the business we have also recently taken on a new office junior, George. I’m sure we can all agree that every office needs a dogsbody; someone to brew up, photocopy a big stack of paperwork or indeed write a web post about the new faces of the office. Of course that’s not to say we don’t take work like this seriously. The housekeeping of any office is integral to allowing the smooth running of all the serious stuff; with a solid foundation you can build a solid business.

Mary, Rhys and George will be given a good grounding in each stage of the case journey from receiving the records, sorting to chronology, and then sending the records back to the solicitor. We’ve found that being given an overview of the whole cycle in the initial weeks makes it a lot easier to find your feet and work out where you fit in. This generally translates to a more efficient workspace and prevents comedies of errors further down the line; the kind of scenario where someone innocently asks “Am I supposed to…?” as the blood drains from your face. Yes. Yes they were supposed to.

We’re always looking to strengthen our team to ensure the best turnaround times and to maintain the breadth and depth of clinical knowledge required to provide the best possible analysis of any case that comes our way. Our continuing commitment to finding the best quality staff and ensuring they are trained to a high standard means that we are always able to offer a second-to-none professional service. We think that the volume of repeat business from our clients is only testament to this.

Written by George Gordon

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