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Dr Henry Marsh… And Finally

Published Date: 10th October 2022

I attended a fascinating talk by Dr Henry Marsh (on live link from Lviv in Ukraine) at the Cheltenham Literature festival last Friday. The highly regarded neurosurgeon reflected on his own mortality, as well as the failings of his profession.

Retired brain surgeon Henry Marsh thought he understood illness, but he was unprepared for the impact of his diagnosis of advanced cancer. And Finally explores what happens when someone who has spent a lifetime on the frontline of life and death finds himself contemplating what might be his own death sentence.

Having read his previous two books, I’m excited to now read ‘And Finally: Matters of Life and Death’ where he wrestles with this dilemma of becoming a patient himself.

For anyone interested in Neurosurgery, Oncology, Medicine, Patient Care and the NHS, I’m sure it’ll make an enthralling read…

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