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Another dentist joins the team

Published Date: 15th June 2016

We thought today, June 15th (‘National Smile Power Day’), was a very appropriate one on which to welcome Sharon, our new dentist to the team here at MRC.

Sharon is a dental surgeon with 25 years’ experience in maxillofacial surgery, NHS general dentistry and private practice. She is a very welcome addition to our team broadening even further the range of specialisms we offer to our clients.

Although we are celebrating ‘National Smile Power Day’, I like to think this is something we at MRC encourage anyway. If you have a working environment where smiles are genuine and there is sincere positivity, customer satisfaction will follow.

Other surprising benefits of smiling:

  • It lowers stress and anxiety
  • It releases endorphins and strengthens your immune system
  • It makes you more attractive, approachable and trustworthy

A simple honest smile can make people feel positive, appreciated and motivated and remember it’s also catching…

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