Medical Record Collation

2016 Round Up

Published Date: 4th January 2017

2016 has seen MRC take on its fair share of ups and downs, looking back across the whole year we can see that the trajectory of the business has been decisively positive. We are particularly proud of making it through this year (mostly!) unscathed as one of our aims has been to expand. This can be murky waters for many businesses as they seek to organically increase scope and capability whilst still maintaining a high standard of service. Recruiting extra crew whilst still keeping everything on an even keel can be a tough balancing act but we’ve managed to keep everything sailing smoothly. We haven’t hit an iceberg yet! Nautical metaphors aside, we really feel proud of what we’ve managed to accomplish over the course of a year. We have an expanded capacity to sort and collate medical records without any sacrifice in quality of service due largely to the exceedingly high quality of new staff, all of whom have been a tremendous addition to the team. The New Year will undoubtedly bring about its own share of challenges but maybe after this year MRC can stand better able to do deal with anything that life, or lawyer, throws our way.

Written by George Gordon

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