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15th Anniversary Blog: Where Are We Now?

Published Date: 24th August 2023

As this month celebrates 15 years of our company, we have compiled an update from our senior management team.

Our Managing Director, Pete Kilbane, discusses how our team add value to the business as well as his view of the future:

“At MRC we have always focused on surrounding ourselves with experienced and talented people that are able to understand our client’s needs and go above and beyond in delivering for them. Our dedicated team have always remained committed to respecting and delivering our values of honesty and transparency, providing excellent service in everything we do, and building successful and long-term partnerships. It’s one of the main reasons that has allowed MRC to rise to unprecedented heights over the years and our commitment to innovation, quality, and client happiness allows us to continue that trend.

Going forwards, we continue to have aspirational aims for the future, including expanding our market, improving our service offering, and utilising cutting-edge technologies. In the past and now more so than ever, we have learnt the importance of the role MRC plays in adding long-term value, encouraging environmentally friendly practices, and cultivating a collaborative culture to ensure a better service for everyone involved. It’s our pleasure to continue to exceed expectations and grow relationships with our familiar clients and also new clients, demonstrating how using MRC can make a huge difference to the effort put into a case.”

Rhys Davies, our Head of Commercial, discusses our key focuses from the last and next 15 years in business:

“Our objective is to keep delivering the exceptional service quality that MRC has consistently delivered over the last 15 years for the next 15 years, whilst delivering it to a wider audience. To do this, we need to get three key things right:

Firstly, develop a dedicated and trusted team who understand and are aligned with MRC’s ethos and values and who want to stay with us for the long term. Post-pandemic, we began to hold monthly team meetings and social events and ran our first team building day earlier this year. Over the last two years, we’ve taken on two apprentices and recruited MRC’s first graduate direct from university. Demonstrating our commitment to long-term growth, from September we will be sponsoring one of our team members through a degree apprenticeship as part of succession planning for the future.

Secondly, harness the latest technological innovations to enhance efficiency and streamline our processes, ironing out any inefficiencies. Through these improvements, we will achieve cost savings that will directly benefit our clients and keep their expenses at a minimum. At the same time, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint and move towards more sustainable practices, to the point where we are paper-free by the end of 2023.

Thirdly, maintaining a strong focus on client partnerships to ensure that we remain attuned to their present needs while proactively preparing for future challenges. By introducing new roles in marketing and business development, we are closely monitoring our clients’ needs and staying attuned to emerging concerns and opportunities. This enables us to leverage our expertise and skills to create solutions that not only simplify their operations but also foster their growth.”

As our Head of Operations, Nicola Blair discusses how our first 15 years have gone:

“Over the years, we have gone from strength to strength and continue to fully support clients with their claims. We understand the bigger picture and how, from the start of a case to the end, a well sorted bundle of records and clearly laid out chronology assists a Clinical Negligence or Personal Injury claim.

As per our mission statement, not only do we facilitate clearly collated medical records with a supporting chronology and memo, but our main goal is to better equip our clients with information about their case, share our insights and provide clarity about the case details.

Having been in business for the last 15 years, we are very mindful of how paper heavy our sector has become with the amount of records patients can have, and the environmental impact this has. With that in mind, we are always looking for ways to improve our service and are very excited to be providing a fully digital service to our customers by the end of 2023, including a radiology portal, whilst providing the same exceptional service.

As a team we pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable, and on hand to support you and your team however we can.”

If you’d like more information on our previous 15 years, see our news page here.

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